We try to make each visit as positive and enjoyable as we can. Our team focuses on confidence building techniques such as positive reinforcement, "tell-show-do", and desensitization. Although many children do fine, or even better, with a parent in the reception room, we do allow parents to accompany their child into the treatment room. If we feel having a parent present is hindering the appointment we may suggest that you wait in the reception area.


Occasionally a child may be very apprehensive, very young, or have a lot of dental needs. Nitrous Oxide "laughing gas" is delivered in through a nose mask and relaxes your child. It is an extremely safe way to treat an apprehensive child. It is not intended to put your child to sleep; they will be able to hear and respond to any requests or directions.


Our office strives to be a “fun” place for children of all ages. We have radio throughout the office and televisions on the ceiling for each dental chair. Therefore, patients can choose to either listen to music or watch TV during their dental procedure.

We use digital radiography (x-rays). There are a number of benefits with using digital x-rays. First, there is less radiation exposure to your child. In fact, there is about a 75% reduction in radiation with digital radiography as compared to conventional dental x-rays. Second, there is no chemical waste and therefore better for the environment. Third, digital x-rays can be easily sent via email to your child's referring doctor or other dental professionals as needed for comprehensive dental treatment.

Our office is also “paperless”. This means that we do computerized charting. Computerized charting saves natural resources, creates less waste, and is also more efficient.