Teeth Whitening Warren

Teeth Whitening Warren

Are you interested in free teeth whitening in Warren? Schedule a New-Patient exam, x-rays, and cleaning with Dr. Love at Children's Dental Specialists & Adult Dentistry, and we'll include a free whitening session with your treatment plan. Professional whitening is the safest, most effective way to experience a more beautiful smile. Our pro-grade whitening lifts deep-set stains and removes yellowing and dulling that compromise your smile and keep you from sharing your best smiles with others around you. Come in to see us soon at CDS Smile.

Is Whitening Your Teeth Safe?

Dental experts recommend pro-grade teeth whitening as the only safe method of achieving a bright smile. Store-bought over-the-counter (OTC) products found on the Web harm the tooth's enamel and leave teeth susceptible to temperature sensitivity; results may not last as long with OTC products, either.

When you see your dentist at CDS Smile for teeth whitening in Warren, you'll have that extra peace of mind, knowing safety is one of our top priorities. Expect whitening to last from 6-9 months, supported by your commitment to brushing twice daily and flossing once a day.

Am I A Candidate For Teeth Whitening?

Patients with a healthy smile, absent of fillings, tooth decay, and gum disease respond well to professional whitening treatments. Feel free to schedule a free consultation with our team from Children's Dental Specialists & Adult Dentistry to speak with us about treatment. If you qualify for teeth whitening in Warren, you'll leave our office after treatment with a brand new smile and a boost in self-confidence. Consider whitening at CDS Smile for any of the following:

  • Upcoming special event
  • Class reunion
  • Family get together
  • Wedding day
  • Pictures
  • Career opportunity
  • Interview
  • First date
  • Proposal
  • Business speech.

Affordable Teeth Whitening in Warren

It doesn't cost a lot to keep your pearly whites looking their best; in fact, it doesn't have to cost anything when you schedule a new-patient checkup and cleaning at Children's Dental Specialists & Adult Dentistry. We're pleased to offer our free whitening special to patients who want to get to know us better - simply set up a routine exam, cleaning, & x-rays and whiten for free. Our patients tell us free whitening makes a significant impact on their dental care budget. See all of our special offers and discounts online at CDS Smile or call to find out about upcoming specials.

Our Online Resources

Our website is a great place to find free patient resources and informative articles on dentistry. If you're interested in a new procedure, you'll most likely find it in our Library of Articles section located on the 'Services' page.

We also maintain a thriving blog and FAQ page, where you'll find answers to many questions about our services. Whether you need emergency dental care, routine treatments, or professional teeth whitening in Warren, you'll find our doors open and our staff welcoming your visit. Look no further for a local dentist who meets your family's dentistry needs.

Teeth Whitening Warren
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