Keep Smiles Intact, Prevent Serious Sports Injuries

Your favorite sports player probably wears a mouth guard during their big games, and for good reason. Playing contact sports may lead to debilitating dental injuries that can wreak havoc on an unprotected smile. Conditions like bruxism (clenching or grinding of the teeth) and TMJ could also necessitate a protective shield. At the dental practice, we provide professional mouthguards to keep your smile beautiful and healthy.

A mouth guard should be considered an essential piece of equipment for every athlete who participates in contact sports and activities—adults and children both. A mouth guard cushions the blow when you are hit and can prevent serious injuries that may result in a lifetime of oral health problems. Our mouth guards are made from a lightweight material that is both comfortable and effective and can be easily inserted and removed when needed. They do not interfere with your regular breathing or speaking.

For More Than A Happy Smile

Yes, a well-made, high-quality mouthguard can prevent damage to your teeth, including the loss of a tooth and the need for tooth replacement. However, the right mouthguard goes the “extra mile”; it absorbs the shock from blows or contact during practice, games, or exercise. Research has supported that these shock-absorbing properties can also help to minimize the risk of mild traumatic brain injuries and concussions. These specially-designed appliances aid in stabilizing and limiting movement of the head and neck, which also helps to prevent severe jaw fractures and other injuries. Sportsguards further protect oral tissues from cuts, and retain the integrity of orthodontics and dental-work, preventing the need for costly repairs and replacement.

The benefits of a well-designed, professional mouthguard far outweigh the upfront cost and minimal time that is required to plan for and make a piece of gear that is as essential to your child’s health and safety as helmets or pads. We look forward to doing our part to keep the fun in the game. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Warren & Chester, NJ office.


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