Solea Laser for Kids

A Stress-free Experience For Kids

We understand that your little ones get anxious about coming to the dentist, and something like a dental laser – even though it sounds cool – is bound to make them even more nervous. That’s why we use the Solea dental laser. It’s a noiseless and needle-free way for our team to perform a number of procedures that previously required anesthesia, needles, and sutures.

It’s faster. For most procedures, they don’t need a shot and we don’t have to use the drill for cavities or scalpel for gum surgery. Plus, they won’t have a numb lip, so they can eat and drink right after their appointment.

What Is It?

Solea is a breakthrough, innovative dental laser that allows for gentle, fast, predictable and precise incisions. The Solea laser is the first of its kind; it singlehandedly eliminates the need for drills, needles and sedation/numbness in most procedures.

Solea uses unique wavelengths to gently cut the teeth or gums, which enables us to perform a variety of procedures (from simple cavities to complex surgeries) virtually pain-free and blood-free, without anesthetic or sutures.

Say hello to anxiety-free pediatric dentistry:

  • No blood, pain, drills, needles or loud noises with Solea.
  • No sitting in our treatment chair for hours. Solea is quick and easy.
  • The healing process is predictable and fast with Solea.
  • Limited tongue mobility

Is The Solea Laser Safe?

Yes, the Solea laser is safe! All technology we use with our young patients is considered safe. The Solea laser does not emit harmful radiation, and it’s approved by the FDA.

Your child will wear an eye shield during their procedure for added protection.

Providing a safe, comfortable, positive treatment experience is our highest priority. We make pediatric care more comfortable and convenient than ever before with Solea. No drills, needles or numbness necessary.

What Are Patients Saying About Solea?

Many happy parents – people like you! – are sharing their experiences with Solea …

“It feels like nothing!” (a child patient)

If an anxiety-free, anesthesia-free, pain-free, highly-efficient procedure sounds ideal for your child, we encourage you to schedule your next appointment with us.


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